A Superman's Blazing Passage

Here are some of the reasons why I love her and why all of you should worship at her feet wish her a happy birthday:

  • She gave me Marvel Comics (just in time for me to watch the implosion of my beloved DC Comics)
  • From our very first meeting on the interwebs (February 15th, 2009), I could sense a special something about her. A something I would later come to recognize as: ~~flawlessness~~
  • Dirk
  • She was the first person I called when I found out my sister was pregnant. 
  • She is living proof that everything my parents tried to warn me about strangers on the internet is true: they will steal your hearts
  • Sometimes she buys me pizza when I’m at work. (NOTE: she lives in Georgia and I live in Massachusetts)
  • ONE TIME SHE LOKI’D ME (“I bought you lunch! You’re such an idiot!”)
  • She sends me nerd gifts in the mail that I have to awkwardly explain to whoever witnesses me opening them.
  • I lost my Shawarma virginity to Mandy.
  • Our first real-life meeting (our first “canon” meeting as we geekily refer to it) was in Boston to see the Marvel Marathon and Avengers Premiere. When we parted, we reenacted the scene of Steve and Bucky’s farewell in Captain America. (“PUNK” “JERK” *HUG*)
  • We have gchat movie dates (Batdates) all the time. In fact, we have one tonight.
  • We first bonded over our mutual love of CAPSLOCKING and shipping real people with fictional characters (Dave Filoni/Plo Koon: OTP)
  • She never waits in lines. (STARKLIFE ‘12 BITCHES)
  • She is the foremost authority on all things comics
  • She is the Tony Stark to my Steve Rogers
  • The Bruce Wayne to my Clark Kent
  • The Sherlock Holmes to my John Watson
  • The Thomas Jefferson to my John Adams (this one is the most accurate description of us because she is a fabulous southerner and I am an awkward New Englander)
  • I love her and she is flawless and I don’t know how I’ll ever explain her to my family if/when she ever meets them in real life (“ER…MANDY AND I MET…IN…COLLEGE. YES. COLLEGE.”)
  • (^That’s my birthday hug to you)